F16 trasferiti dalla Germania alla base NATO di Aviano



Il presidente degli stati uniti Donald Trump ha deciso di ridurre il numero dei militari di stanza in Germania. Come comunicato dal segretario alla difesa Esper il numero dei militari sarà ridotto da 36mila a 24mila unità, il comando delle forze Usa sarà spostato in Belgio e i velivoli F16 del 52 Fighter Wing, basati presso Spangdahlem, saranno trasferiti ad Aviano, insieme ai già presenti mezzi del 31 Fighter Wing

Ecco cosa ha affermato il segretario alla difesa Dr. Mark T. Esper

“At the direction of the President Donald J. Trump, we will realign our forces in Europe to support our partners and stand up to malign adversary behavior. This will redistribute 11,900 U.S. military members in both permanent stationing and rotating deployments — 5,400 will be re-stationed in Europe and 6,500 will return home to installations in the United States.


As a veteran myself and former soldier once stationed in Europe, I understand the emotions both our military members and their families will face as they anticipate changes that may affect their homes and lives. While there will be some personnel moves in the coming weeks, no current permanent change of station (PCS) orders to Europe will be cancelled. The changes I’ve described will take time, and we aim to make this process as transparent as possible. As always, your chain of command will have the latest information.


The defense of our nation and allies requires constant vigilance, as well as ongoing evaluation of the best use of finite resources. I would like to personally thank all of our forces and families stationed overseas for your patience, flexibility, and understanding during this time of change –especially in this COVID-19 environment. We are grateful for your service.”

Author: Luca Ocretti

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